Women’s Bodies: Rick Santorum, Chris Brown and Rihanna’s (Don’t) Duet (Girl): TWLC’s Viviana Hurtado on NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin

Why do I bother watching las calorías…or pushing myself to race up “The Exorcist” steps in Georgetown?

Doesn’t matter if I’m saggin’, + a few L.B.S.’s (sign of being in a happy relationship.  I eat), clad in fleece sweats, or rockin’ a Tibi coral dress and strappy sandals.

They all want a piece of it.

¡Settle down over there!

Not they as in George Clooney.

But they as in Rick Santorum (insert: altar boy bells chiming).

Turns out the former Pennsylvania Senator and Republican nominee hopeful is making a big play for GOP social conservatives before the Arizona and Michigan primaries with his views on…women’s bodies: restricting access to health care including but not limited to, family planning.

What’s his appeal–sex, sexy, or otherwise–to women voters: moms, working, home schooling, single, católica, suburban, moderate, über-conservative, Indy-movie queen, club kid, athlete, abuela?

You get my drift…there are A LOT of women, and while all of us don’t believe in abortion for ourselves: Don’t. Touch. Me.

…ALL of ME:…my heart where the fire of desire and love is born…my soul where I reckon with God without needing Rick or anyone else to impose how I commune with Him…my mind that is responsible and informed by my conscious and values…

…oh yeah, and my bod…

Then there’s Rihanna and Chris Brown hooking up–at least in song.  For critics like moi, I can’t get past those leaked images of Rihanna’s black, blue, swollen face courtesy of her then-novio Chris Brown–Woman Beater–who kicked her butt three years ago on the eve of the Grammys–no matter how fly the beat.  Their musical reunion is propped up–if not imposed on us–by the multi-million dollar interests of their respective entourages–record labels, publicists, agents, managers.  Thing is, millions of young girls and women don’t have an impenetrable have-your-people-call-my-people apparatus, their bodies and self-esteem left unprotected and vulnerable to strong, mixed messages of power, sexuality, and abuse.

Heavy.  I know.

But it’s a smart and much-needed listen to Tell Me More‘s “Beauty Shop” where along with Michel Martin, CEO and founder of the Bernard Center on Women, Politics, and Public Policy Michelle Bernard, US World News & Report‘s Mary Kate Cary, and the snobalicious Danielle Belton of the politics and pop culture blog the Black Snob, the talk is Rick Santorum‘s sex appeal and Rihanna and Chris Brown’s (Don’t) Duet (Girl).

To hear more hot topics on TMM‘s “Beauty Shop” with Viviana, Michel, plus smart and sassy ladies, click here.

So what’s with men-in-power’s obsession with our bods?


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