VIDEO: ¿César-Chávez-Google-Doodle-Easter-Non-troversy?

I normally stay away–far away–from “link bait“–internet stories that are so outrageous, they exist to stir up trouble and clicks, such as the current controversy over the Easter Sunday Google Doodle, not featuring a risen Jesus Christ, but César Chávez.

Why? Because these kind of stories normally don’t have a leg to stand on. Checa the facts: Google hasn’t featured an Easter-related doodle in more than a decade, likely due to the world’s preeminent search engine choosing not to alienate its bazillion users who practice other religions or none at all. (Anyway, who wants a Twitter protest say, by the wiccas when broomsticks and pointy black hats decorate the Halloween doodle?).


Christmas 2013 Doodle featured toys, lots of them. Courtesy: Google

One more thing: these non-troversies (non-controversies) lend themselves to poor reporting, not serving to advance an issue or social condition but a formidable distraction from say, our continuing crappy economy or our toppled-from-the-top public education. Think of mami wars debates that ignite once a year: solutions don’t emerge from the shouting matches, leaving working mothers still burning the candle at both ends (with the exception of Sheryl Sandberg‘s Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead book which I believe is trying to propose answers by changing women’s mindsets and creating support communities).

This time, some conservatives have decided to pick on the labor and civil rights icon whose legacy is honored on March 31st (designated César Chávez Day) which this year fell on Easter Sunday. Click here to read: Career: Julie Chávez Rodríguez to Latinas, ¡Sí se puede! and below to watch the Latina Magazine video interview where this professional shares with me advice for women’s career advancement, including the importance of mentors and education.

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To be clear, the Republican party has not stirred up this non-troversy. Instead it’s some of the regular conservative instigators who set Twitter on fire with tweets and later “link bait” posts.

I guess these outraged Easter Google Doodle supporters didn’t hear newly-elected Pope Francis who closed his Easter blessing with:

“May the risen Lord, the conqueror of sin and death, be a support to you all, especially to the weakest and neediest. ” [bold emphasis added]

César Chávez fought for basic workplace rights such as a bathroom or a place to wash your hands, devoting himself to serve some of the weakest and neediest workers–migrant farm workers–the invisibles who many ignore.

Sounds like someone else.

Hint: his name starts with a “J” and ends with “esus”.


I love these clever peeps who think to split the difference. Courtesy: Mashable

I’m not going to pass judgement on these “link bait”-haters. That’s way above my spiritual grade.

But let’s just note that a simple photo of a man who practiced service for years can inspire in others Christ’s principles of compassion unto others as I write in The Champions, a Change: TWLC Goes to the White House.

I love my religious neutral easter eggs or bunnies as much as the next person.

Thing is, these inspire little more in me than wanting to binge on dark chocolate.



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      Thank you Margery, for your feedback and for breathing life into this post with your video. As a graduating senior, remember, sí se puede!

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