The Wise Latina Club: The Manifesto

Manifesto: A public declaration of principles and intentions. Could have political or religious connotations. A life stance.

From the Latin “manifestare”: to make public.

Related to the verb “manifest”: to display or show; appear; become apparent; prove.

The Wise Latina Club is blogging herself into existence. Actually, it’s been here centuries, before Al Gore “invented the internet”.

  • Infinite grace and unshakable faith manifest by a Wise Latina like La Virgen María.
  • Permission granted by Isabel la Católica to explore new trade routes and change the course of history with the discovery of America.
  • Military strategy translated by La Malinche, indigenous lover of Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés who conquered Mexico, a territory that included more than half the United States.
  • Lullabies lovingly sung by Mamis–blood mothers and stand-in moms.
  • Common sense shared by generations of aunts and amigas.

This Blog-firmation/Blog-idation counters the mass media representation of Latinas as one-dimensional stereotypes:

  • Latina as Maid.
  • Latina as Spitfire.
  • (Wise) Latina as Reverse Racist Activist.

The Wise Latina Club is more than this.

The Wise Latina Club captures the richness, depths, and range of who we are:

  • moms
  • career women
  • suburban
  • urban
  • educated
  • street smart
  • modern
  • traditional

The Wise Latina Club speaks her mind on different topics such as:

  • politics
  • current events
  • money
  • aging parents
  • relationships
  • kids
  • beauty
  • travel
  • food

Our Latina look offers solutions that speak to us: how our immigrant values can be used to grow our money; how to care for aging Papis when sticking them in a nursing home is a last resort; and what to do when your Gringo honey says potato and you say papa.

  • Define so you can re-define.
  • Appear in all your manifestations. Show the world that being complex doesn’t mean being complicated.
  • Prove that at once you can be one, and all.
  • Declare that these are your principles and that you are a member of The Wise Latina Club.
¿How are you a member of The Wise Latina Club?

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