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Who is Viviana Hurtado?

Viviana is Latina, a writer, Yale PHD, former ABC News correspondent, devoted tía, daughter, and sis’, a runner, salsera, flat broke philanthropist, and Golden Retriever lover, mainly, but not necessarily in that order.

Do you have to be Latina to read The Wise Latina Club?

Not required: Being Latina. I’m proud that a fair amount of men and women from all backgrounds are addicted to The Wise Latina Club. Required: the Latina values of passion, hard work, and ganas.

What is a Wise Latina?

Passionate. Courageous. Stand up for the little guy. Curious. Warm. Smart, not just with your brain, but your common sense. Kind. Loving. Generous. Fierce. Defend those you love with everything God gave you.

What is your mission?

The Wise Latina Club is also 100% independent with zero outside funding. My mission is for every young Latina to be as crazy about politics as they are about boys, fashion, and Jennifer Lopez. I work so these women and girls find their power in knowledge and in being involved not just every four years for a Presidential election, but every day and at every level.

Why do you write this blog?

Latinas are leading the demographic boom of our community but feel disconnected to political process and invisible. Are you not happy with your class size? Then you’re political. Worried about the air your breathe?  Then you’re political. Let’s talk política you know, over un cafecito. Being informed and getting involved in your school and town is owning, living your power. This is important because this is your country. You can make it better.

What is The High Heeled Kitchen?

The High Heeled Kitchen is the heart of The Wise Latina Clubs food segment. Not very “foodie,” it is “girl who can eat”–food shopping, cooking, eating–in high-heeled style./span>

How Can I Get Involved?

You Can Write for Us:

The Wise Latina Club wants technically-savvy writers, skilled photographers and video gurus. If you possess a particular expertise and would like to reach a critical mass of young Latinas with your insightful blog posts, Op-eds, videos, slideshows, we want to hear from you.

All The Wise Latina Club asks is that you’re passionate about your storytelling and doing it regularly. You don’t have to be a Journalism or Literature major to join us; we’re simply looking for contributors with strong writing in English or Spanish and multi-media skills necessary to unleash your unique voice on the world.

If this describes you, and if you’re still interested after having read the above, please click here to contact us.

You Can Advertise/Partner/Sponsor

The Wise Latina Club offers a range of sponsorship and partner opportunities to engage our coveted audience.  Click here for more information.

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