TWLC’s Viviana Hurtado on NPR’s “Tell More More” with Michel Martin

I should check the TWLC inbox on a regular basis (emails are supposed to go to TWLC’s gmail account but don’t.  I am the IT dept. of the operation.  ‘Nuf said).

That’s where I got an invitation to be on the “Beauty Shop” segment of the smart, sassy, and classy NPR show, “Tell Me More” with Michel Martin.

Viviana Hurtado & NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin

NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin

I jumped at the opportunity!  Here was my chance to talk about cool topics–Dominique Strauss Kahn’s sexual assault charges dropped, Kim Kardashian’s multi-ba-zillion dollar wedding, and the “Colombiana” movie starring Zoe Saldana–with edgy thinkers Jessica Coen, editor-in-chief of the blog Jezebel, Pulitzer-prize winning columnist and University of Georgia professor Cynthia Tucker, and Danielle Belton, founder and publisher of the blog Black Snob.

But cool–BEYOND–was listening to the different perspectives represented on the show. Together, our voices added perspective and context,  probed deep into women’s issues around power, sexuality, and money that are talked about among friends, at the salon–as in salón de belleza or beauty shop–but rarely discussed thoughtfully in the mainstream media.  What a shame because seasoned professionals and little girls alike need us to discuss these topics frequently–and forcefully–to ensure opportunity and equality.

Tip o’ my floppy summer hat to Michel, Portia, and all the staff at “Tell More More” for pushing the envelope!

Listen here:

The thread that joins these topics is power, sex, and money.  If women “ruled” the world, how different would it be?

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7 Responses to “TWLC’s Viviana Hurtado on NPR’s “Tell More More” with Michel Martin”

  1. Congrats and very cool! Love it when women get together to discuss topics that affect us all. Adore the title “Beauty Shop”. So catchy and very fitting lol.

    And no, I don’t care about the Kardashian wedding. Blah! Lol.

  2. YvonneInLA says:

    Really interesting!! That case made me so angry. Thank you for introducing me to this show. I’m a total npr geek and I’ve never heard it before. I hope there’s a podcast.

  3. My favorite topics: beauty and entertainment and current events!

  4. Absolutely! We’ll manage it better and still have time to talk fashion!

  5. Maura says:

    Felicidades Viviana! This is awesome! I’m downloading and adding to my ipod playlist to listen to on the way to work.

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