VIDEO: Career: Moving Up, Moving On

6 Minute Career Climb Tip of the Day: The People Who Ask Are the Ones Who Get Noticed.

6 Minute Career Climb: More Money” reveals how to secure the best compensation package once you’re offered the job.  “6 Minute Career Climb: You, Inc.” shows you how to assemble your board–You, Inc.–with people who will help your career advance.

Now in “6 Minute Career Climb: Moving Up, Moving On,” Time Warner exec Daisy Auger-Dominguez shares with TWLC’s Viviana Hurtado how to make your business case for promotions and compensation increases, plus how to move on to another opportunity, if you’re not moving up in your organization.

Watch the video here:

4 Negotiation Necessities:

  • Never ask for $ until they feel :) about you (Watch interview to translate from Emoticon-ese).
  • Never be afraid to negotiate or ask for more BUT the secret is in how you ask and go back and forth.
  • Practice your pitch.
  • Go armed with information and know what you will and won’t negotiate.  Make your business case–for your value!

For different reasons, you’ve reached the end of the line at work…

4 Career Change Principles:

  • Leverage your network.
  • Research your opportunities.
  • Be flexible and open.
  • Embrace–don’t let–fear paralyze you.

Next 6 Minute Career Climb:

You yawn when you hear the cliché repeated about “playing to your strengths.”  But did you know there could be a career trapped within you?  Find out how to identify it and make a “prison” break that could make you financially and emotionally rich.

TWLC’s 6 Minute Career Climb reveals the secrets of HR and highly compensated and successful business leaders to negotiate the best offer, strategies to turn professional obstacles into assets, all to keep you and your career advancing.

Why 6 Minutes? Let’s face it, 5 minutes isn’t enough.  And we’re too busy for 10.  Bonus: videos allow you to listen–and learn–while you multi-task: make your cafecito, travel, on-line shop, prepare din.

Please share: What are the secrets to your professional success?

What career topics would you like TWLC’s 6 Minute Career Climb to tackle?


  1. says

    for the next one, how about tackling your passions… for instance, ur doing well in what you do but feel kind of stagnant because you’re not putting 100% passion into it… Does that mean it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re doing or do you accept that it’s working and just tweak it so that it brings more happiness!

    • says

      Good point although I have to add some women can’t/aren’t passionate about what they do b.c they’re balancing home/children/marriage and perhaps their job is nothing more than added income. Maybe it’s a way to bankroll their passion–a hobby, community service, etc. Other women are following their passion and they’re not necessarily raking in the dough. A few though, and I stress a few are doing both. It’s a question of priorities, definitions, and where we find ourselves in life, no?

  2. says

    Great interview, and wonderful advice to “always ask” and to be prepared to make the business case for what you want. Thanks for putting together this educational video! One of my secrets to professional success? In negotiation, tell others *why* you want what you want; ask what they want, and then be creative in finding solutions that work for both of you. Future topic suggestion: How does one find out and delicately ensure that a potential sponsor is willing and ready to “sponsor” you?

    • says

      I am still working on this. What is the balance between getting what’s fair. It’s tricky to keep the channels open, during a negotiation. Keep calm, cool, and professional. But also know that some people aren’t willing to offer what’s fair. That’s when we must be prepared to walk away and trust that our work and worth will open another and better opportunity around the corner. As for the sponsor question, I don’t know if there’s a delicate way. Just ask.

  3. says

    “Never be afraid to negotiate or ask for more BUT the secret is in how you ask and go back and forth”.

    Very true, I guess most of us are afraid to negotiate because we don´t know the real value of our work! had to work on that!

    • says

      How did you work on it? I have too and I’ve had varying degrees of success. Latina women, especially bloggers are really key influencers. We bloggers have coveted access to the decision makers at the helm of the fabled $1 trillion dollar buying power. We have also built a community and respect based on our authenticity. It’s crucial to communicate this point as individuals and as a community and in this way, be in the driver’s seat. That’s value we’ve built and must protect.

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