TWLC’s Viviana Hurtado Talks about “You, Inc.” on CNN en Español’s Notimujer

CNN en Español‘s show devoted to women’s issues–Notimujer–asked me to speak about advancing at work by assembling the board of “You, Inc.” after following this blog, especially the career segment 6 Minute Career Climb.

This concept models after Fortune 500 companies that approach people to manage, guide, and grow an organization.

But who do you ask to serve as mentors, sponsors, or advisors of your professional development, and how?

Easy.  Combine business strategy principles with your women’s intuition:

Observe: Whose success do you admire at your company, in or outside your field, through professional and alumni organizations, neighbors? What’s her/his style? What does s/he like?

Audit: Conduct a thorough background check: What are her/his creds, trajectory, connections?

Balance: What are members’ strengths?  Does your board cover all your career bases?

Approach: Should you ask someone to be your mentor?  The upside to the direct approach is that if someone says no, it’s best to find out soon.  Your potential board members, are just that and not mind readers.

Nurture: Genuinely, this relationship: Did an article or an event catch your eye that might interest this person?  Treat to lunch, coffee, dinner, and offer your expertise.  The best relationships are reciprocal.

Network: Through your passions, becoming actively involved in organizations where you’ll be able to show your peers your energy, skills, potential, commitment, creativity, passion. and authenticity.

Click on the video to watch:

If you have a mentor, advisor, or sponsor, how did those relationships start?


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    Viviana- felicidades! Terrific interview and I admire Mercedes Soler tremendously. My professional mentor (and personal because she’s fabulous!) is Roymi Membiela – head of Communications at Baptist Health South Florida. Roymi is well admired in our community and beyond due to her passion for helping others and specifically guiding women. She’s help nurture my career for more than 12 years after we worked together for only about a year! I now enjoy mentoring other women based on the foundation I established, and continue to enjoy with Roymi.

    Keep up the great work. HABLAMOS!


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      ¡Gracias Cristy for your kind words and virtual hug! Roymi sounds terrific and you’re lucky (as is she) to have had a mentor. I haven’t and I feel it’s been detrimental to my career.

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