The High Heeled Kitchen Video: ¿Red or White Wine?

Normally, I have a story that accompanies a post: I could have written about developing a taste for wine helped by the fact that I grew up in San Francisco, close to the glorious Napa Valley; how I once dreamed of getting married at a vineyard; how at times, I feel so “Sideways,” Jim Taylor and Alexander Payne clearly eavesdropped on my life; how I visited Argentina’s wine region, Mendoza, to spy on a friend’s paramour and ended up with my own.

Instead, I’m going to reveal how impossible, marred with tragedia, in short, how getting this video and post out was worthy of Hércules himself.  Watch it here:

Behind the scenes of the most CURSED. BLOG. ENTRY. EVER.

  • On the day of the International Wine and Food Festival in DC, my flip cam jammed right as I was about to interview/demo with Paco from Félix Solís Avantis wines.  Gay Big Brother (if I had a gay big brother, which I don’t) whipped out his IPhone.  Desastre averted right?  ¡No!  He accidentally shot it vertically, stretching the video to make all–me–look rexy.
  • How I slaved with my Final Cut partner in crime Bill K. for hours to wave magic wands and stir witch’s brew, all to fix damned video.
  • How after all the FC hocus pocus, I emerged with “Devil Eye,” red flashes darting madly from my ojos (¡Zip It! to all on the other end of a Loca Crisis Intervention [LCI]).
  • How I would toil for weeks to rough cut, tweak, rectify, just to have this video vanish from my hard drive.  Poof!
  • How the back up didn’t work (¡Zip It! to all thinking Operator Error.  I got it).
  • How, after a few pots of coffee, I pulled an all-nighter (¿regressing to college are we?) to reconstruct and finally, finish, because I’m crushing on my few but loyal readers, because I feel passionate about this perspective making a humble contribution to our dialogues on who we are becoming (Guess what?  On a fundamental level, it’s not that different from who we are).

So…Red or White?  My answer is the same whether I’m bleary-eyed, running on fumes, and spent, or alert, focused, and fabulous: Listen to your palate.  Drink whatever you want.

Oh yeah, after surviving the last 24 hours, I’m accepting CASES of red AND white wine.  ¡Delicioso!


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