HuffPo Latino Voices: Open Letter to Barack Obama: Mr. President, Three Plays to Score a Jobs Golazo

President Obama Jobs Speech

Dear Mr. President, Thursday night’s “jobs” speech is one of your most important: you must convince anxious and increasingly skeptical Americans that your plan will create employment and stimulate the flatlining economy toward recovery–and away from recession. ¬†Failing to do so, combined with a continuing weak economy, could cost you your job. Although you are […]

If You Have an 8 Pack like Rafael Nadal…


Rafael Nadal’s Team Talking Amongst Themselves: Manager: “Rafa has those dark looks, you know, Federer but with a pulse.” Publicist: “S√≠, it’s true. He’s 24, dangerously close to being over the hill. Forget the tweens. They’re into Justin Bieber who I still can’t understand how the singing equivalent of fast food landed on the cover […]