Please Knock Before You Walk in on My #FoodPorn: National Tequila Month at El Centro D.F.

Refreshing. Fresh. Creative. Delicate. If my taste buds had thoughts and could articulate them, this is what they would be screaming after savoring the menu at El Centro D.F. in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. A Chef Richard Sandoval restaurant, “El Centro” (as we locals call it) created a tequila-inspired menu for National Tequila Month in July. I have to admit that I can be skeptical of any alcoholic beverage company holiday concoction, thinking of tragic Spring Break memories involving shots. Add to my skepticism the fact that I lived in Mexico City in 1999-2000. Locals schooled me on the sophistication, artisanry, and style that goes into crafting and drinking this spirit. For example, tequila is never imbibed via shots. Instead, it is sipped, savored slowly to extend its pleasure. Connoisseurs (and this connoisseuse) know that drinking tequila is no different than drinking whiskey.

Below you will see photographs of El Centro’s special Tequila Month Dinner menu snapped by moi now that I leaped 30 years into the present and traded in my flip for an iPhone (Late to but lovin’ #Instagram where you can find my life documented in photos!). The only menu item missing is the dessert (even Instagram couldn’t fix my shaky shot): añejo or aged tequila gelato served with a drizzle of cajeta or caramel and berries on a house-made Mexican chocolate waffle cone courtesy of local gelatería Dolcezza. ¡Delicioso!


#Calaveras display for National Tequila Month menu at El Centro D.F. in Washington, D.C.


Grapefruit lime lemongrass speciality house-made #tequila infusion #cocktail.


#Guacamole tastes better when it’s made in a molcajete. And if you bought said molcajete in a mercado, _____________ (insert at will).


Herradura Barrel at Chef Richard Sandoval’s El Centro D.F. Georgetown in Washington, D.C.



Please knock before walking in on my #FoodPorn-> Grilled #shrimp #ceviche marinated in a citrus- #chile broth with chunks of grapefruit, cucumber, jicama & red onion served atop a squirt of frozen #margarita.


Pineapple sage house-made #tequila infusion.


Not your tragic #springbreak #tequila. Reposado tequila cured and smoked pork tenderloin served over poblano #chili rajas #mashed #potato with a side of roasted corn and chili morula #salsa.


Sometimes a #calavera needs #drinks.

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