Escándalos Políticos: the Santorum Surge and Susan Komen: TWLC’s Viviana Hurtado on NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin

Escándalo.  This just sounds soooo much more dramatic than “scandal,” ¿no?

You can almost say: escándalo is the spice of life (as long as it’s not malicious, that’s otra cosa: being a Mean Girl).

You know, along the lines of:

¡Uyyy! Esa Giselle is a tigresa supermodel the way she defended El Brady.


I never was a fan of all that Tex-Mex’ing porque funny business pasa like sexting.

Then there’s:

¡Thump!  [insert smelling salts to bring abuela back to life]

She told me she’s moving in with…el novio.  ¡THUMP!

I entered Tell Me More‘s “Beauty Shop” with Michel Martin, CEO and founder of the Bernard Center on Women, Politics, and Public Policy Michelle Bernard, US World News & Report‘s Mary Kate Cary, and founder of the politics blog Wonkette and The Guardian columnist Anna Marie Cox to talk escándalo político: how Rick Santorum’s symbolic sweep in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri momentarily has blocked Mitt Romney’s momentum toward the GOP Presidential nomination, the Susan Komen Foundation/Planned Parenthood fall-out, and the White House battle with religious groups led by the Catholic Church over the health care law requirement to offer contraception.

It was also a “Beauty Shop” first: leading and speaking for half the show!

Click below to hear Part 1:

Click to hear Part 2:

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Do you think a “wedge” like women’s reproductive rights will decide the Presidential election?

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