My First Wordless Wednesday or Miércoles Mudo: How did a Latino News Show Become a Slur?

This is a first for The Wise Latina Club–participating in a staple of the blogosphere–a meme where millions post a picture with no words on Wednesday–hence Wordless Wednesday or Miércoles mudo en español–because the photo speaks for itself, plus readers’ interpretations.

Here it is: a screen grab from the Twitter of Univision‘s Sunday public affair show Al Punto con Jorge Ramos announcing the next guest’s take on Mexico’s future and election fraud.


Why It’s Important to Proofread

Have you ever been embarrassed by a document, email, tweet you sent that wasn’t proofed? 



    • says

      ¡¡¡Aplauso!!! for publishing a correction and tweeting it out. Mistakes, unfortunately will happen but I don’t know many bloggers who flag and fix them.

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