Mitt Romney’s Porcentages: ¿1, 47, or 100?

Click here to watch the video secretly taped at a private Florida fundraiser.

The main purpose of the Republican National Convention which I covered was to introduce the former governor of Massachusetts to the American public. Until then, the campaign focused on Romney’s management experience in government, at the helm of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, and at investment firm Bain Capital, arguing this will make him a better President than Barack Obama. The focus in Tampa went heavy on the Romney warm fuzzies, with testimony after testimony affirming he is a loving father, loyal friend, and devoted husband to wife Ann who survived breast cancer and battles muscular dystrophy. The softer side of Romney culminated with a revelation in a CNN documentary that he wears and likes shirts bought at Costco. The argument: he not only has the experience to lead the country, but he’s a nice, trustworthy guy.

Insert sound of scratching music album!

Any positive, humanizing effects from the convention were totally erased by the Mother Jones video, an “October, or in this case a September surprise” which in politics means a last minute game-changing doozie that comes before the election.  All of a sudden, the class warfare that Republicans have accused President Obama of waging seemed to be spearheaded by Romney.  Any damage was not done by the Democrats but by the former governor himself, whose own words seemed to confirm that he belongs to the so-called 1%–the richest of the rich–with zero ability to relate or connect with the struggles and needs of average Americans.

That leads us the the “Juan” %, a tongue-in-cheek term that came up when Mitt Romney’s Mexican roots received at the beginning of the year a lot of media attention (his Papi, former Michigan governor and American Motors Company CEO George was born in Mexico as I write in Election 2012: ¿Mitt or Mitteo Romney?).


Mitt Romney Courtesy: Politico

On Wednesday night, the GOP presidential nominee was the first to appear in back-to-back candidate forums on Univision (President Obama’s turn is Thursday night) and when asked about the 47% comments, promised his campaign is for all Americans.

“My campaign is about the 100 percent of America,” affirmed Governor Romney a total of four times.

Then he went hard of immigration, promising to expand legal immigration, not rounding up illegal immigrants, and expanding a permanent solution for DREAMers–all direct hits to President Obama’s policies.  Romney also promised to strengthen the economy by investing in education, especially the STEM or science, technology, and math fields, and helping small businesses.

Was Mitt Romney able to make headway with Latino voters?  Recent polls suggest the gap has widened.  The latest Fox News Latino survey has the President beating Romney 2 to 1. The gender gap dwarfs these numbers with Latinas preferring Mr. Obama at a head-spinning 6 to 1 margin, according to the most recent ImpreMedia/Latino Decisions poll.

Romney’s own campaign has crunched the numbers and come up with the magic number of 38%–that’s the percentage of the Hispanic vote the Republican nominee must win to be elected President of the United States.  But the latest surveys, combined with his 47% comments, suggest this may a difficult if not an impossible dream.

This post was first published as Election 2012: Mitt Romney’s Mother Jones Video & What It Means for His Campaign on September 20, 2012 in Latina Magazine where I am a weekly politics columnist.

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Which Mitt Romney do you believe will show up for “work” if he is elected in January? 1%, 47%, or 100% Romney?



  1. stan chaz says

    47% 100% Flip, flop, flip….
    Hey… I KNEW that Mitt, the Great Flipper,
    was out of touch, but now…. I think he’s just just touched.
    What does our country owe its people?
    What do our people owe our country?
    What do we …we the people….owe to each other?
    ….as part of a society called America?
    Are we in the jungle, or are we a community?
    Romney and Company has an answer.
    And it ain’t pretty.
    They smirk …..and sneer …and smile …and say to us:
    TO HELL with all those “moochers” and “free-loaders”
    receiving Medicare, or Veterans Benefits, or Pell Grants,
    or Earned Income & Child Tax Credits, or Head Start, or Social Security,
    or Unemployment, or Medicaid, or Food Stamps, or on Disability,
    Romney says TO HELL with all of us that are struggling to stay afloat,
    to those in the Middle-class, and to those hoping to get there.
    Romney says TO HELL with the “47% of America” — the “losers”
    that Romney so easily dismisses and disrespects as “dependents”.
    Romney says TO HELL with the elderly, the hungry, the homeless, the helpless,
    and the hopeless …and to all the biblical “least of these”.
    Does he even know the Christian New Testament?
    Love thy neighbor? Hey Mitt, let’s be honest:
    your real god is money. Your saints are the the ones
    who have the most …and TO HELL with the rest of us.
    Romney wines and complains… INCREDIBLY
    …that we’re shamelessly sponging off of him,
    and off of all of his poor-poor-poor super-rich friends
    …..all those super-rich folks who want to BUY this ELECTION,
    …..all those super-rich folks who want to BUY this COUNTRY.
    Trickle-down economics? Hey sure, why not – let them eat cake.
    It’s all the same. Always has been.
    It’s crumbs for us, and Cadillacs and car elevators,
    and loopholes & lower taxes for them.
    That is, if they, AND the bailed-out banks,
    AND the big corporations pay ANY taxes at all….
    When THEY get a break- they deserve it.
    But if YOU get a break, it’s a handout. BULL!
    Tell me – who are the REAL “takers”, who are the REAL creators,
    who are the TRUE workers and builders? Who are the REAL “victims” here?
    Who’s in the Cayman Islands trying to avoid taxes, and deducting his trick horses?
    Who gave their LIVES and limbs …in unpaid and un-needed wars?
    Whose sweat, …..on whose brows, has BUILT this great country?
    Was it the Romney’s of this world …or us?
    But we still have a voice. It’s called our VOTE.
    Loud and Clear — Just say NO.
    Say NO to Romney & Company …and what they stand for.
    This is STILL our country. Our children’s country.
    And we mean to KEEP it that way. Period.
    Romney should “self-deport” himself back to Mexico,
    where his grandpa fled to avoid US marriage monogamy laws.
    ‘Cause Prince Mitt not only wants to kill the Dream Act,
    but the American Dream as well.
    We need a President for ALL the people.

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