La Cucaracha is Forever

Me quito el sombrero–hats off–to the Bronx Zoo, for the clever and hysterical Valentine’s Day gift of naming a Madagascar hissing roach after your amor. And in this age of recession, it will only set him or her back $10 d├│lares as a donation to the zoo.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Look at the significado. He’s not a cheap Anthony Michael Hall circa “Weird Science,” but a thoughtful, tender soul whose support of this animal sanctuary reveals a premium placed on being community-minded. And cucarachas will survive a nuclear war.

Here’s hoping your amor does too.


Cucaracha Love Courtesy: The Bronx Zoo

Of course, you could always stick to choices that while convencionales, are lovely:

1) Flowers.



2) Dinner for Two.


The Lady and the Tramp Courtesy: Disney

3) La Cucaracha’s Competencia: Diamonds, which also are “forever”.


Diamonds Courtesy: Tiffany

4) ¡Chocolate!


Belgian Chocolate Courtesy: Belgian Chocolate

What is the most unique expression of love you have ever received, or given?

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