J-LO: Gillette Gams of Gold

Jennifer Lopez is likely the first chica to get insurance on her headline-making bootay (which is something Latinas, particularly Caribeñas never understood. J-LO’s tush is no fuss for us. It’s normál-sized). Now, she’s the first Hispana to be the face legs of Gillette Venus Razors. ¡Momento! I think I hear the Gekko, the Umbrella, heck, even Snoopy clamoring to get a piece of this policy!

Critics say Jennifer Lopez doesn’t really have talent: her voice is limited in range; her acting is flat (she’s not Tina Fey, but I think her comic timing hits). Tal vez. But let’s be clear about one thing: this former In Living Color Fly Girl didn’t go the way of white Reebok aerobics high tops or these espantoso 90s outfits:


J-Lo Fly Girls Courtesy: In Living Color

Jenny went from her Bronx block to the top of a worldwide media empire that includes music, acting, designing clothes and a fragrance line, a lucrative L’Oréal cosmetics contract, judging on American Idol, setting style trends, TV and music producing, plus charity work. Oh yeah, and she’s married to salsero Marc Anthony and mom to their daughter and twins. My Mami would say, “Mijita, todo lo que brilla no es oro”. ìPues si, Mami, not everything that glitters is gold! But La Jennifer is going to get a holla’ from me because she is inspiring many little Latinas to dream beyond their neighborhoods and pursue their dream to finish college, become a nurse, or heck, maybe become our first Latina President.

Q for you: What is your fave J-LO incarnation?

a) Fly Girl circa 1991-1993 (see above)

b) (Little) Hide and (mucho) seek circa 2000 (with Diddy who back then was Puff Daddy)


In Versace Courtesy: EMPICS Entertainment/PA Photos

c) As Mami to twins in 2012


J-Lo + Twins Courtesy: Virginie LeFour/AFP/Getty Images

d) Other? Do tell!


  1. says

    Even though I like J-Lo’s music (the beat is the best), I know she can’t sing for sh*t without synthesizers to make her sound good enough to tolerate. I do however, prefer her as an actress if I had to choose between her singing and acting. great blog, btw. :)

    • says

      Fabulous New York, Chica! Ditto on the help her voice needs & *heard* your point loud & clear when I saw her perform w. hubby Marc Anthony in DC a couple of yrs. ago. Thanks, too 4 the New York Chica love shown to this baby blog!

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