DNC 2012: How Will the Next 4 Years Be Better Than the Last asks CNN’s Alex Castellanos?

Charlotte, North Carolina

Look who I ran into at Charlotte’s airport while I was picking up my maleta in baggage claim? CNN contributor and Republican strategist Alex Castellanos.  Ni corta ni perezosa as Mami would say, I whipped out my camera and asked him if he would answer a couple of questions for Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) with whom I’ve partnered to cover the 2012 Democratic National Convention (and the GOP convention in Tampa).

LATISM is the largest online non-partisan and non-profit using social media to improve the economic, political, and social status of Hispanics.

So what’s the most important question  President Obama has to answer this week in Charlotte, I asked.

Alex answered:

How are the next four years going to be better than the last?

Other nuggets críticos:

Before the GOP busts out with la fiesta:

The GOP doesn’t have an issue problem but a total problem

…that’s connected to a powerful perception:
We’re been the party of strong hands and closed hearts.  We need to be the party of open hearts.”
Alex accuses the President of “dividing folks for political advantage: men against women, rich against poor, Hispanics against everybody.”  And he sees this, as an opening for Mitt Romney and the Republican Party if they are able to clearly communicate how the party can create economic opportunity for everyday gente.To read and see more of Viviana’s 2012 Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention coverage, click here.
Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago when Barack Obama was elected President?


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