Why I Participated in NPR’s #RaceOnTech Project


If you’ve been following my writing here on The Wise Latina Club and tweets and posts on social media, you know lately I have been focused on the lack of diversity in technology, specifically Silicon Valley. I’ve opened up the discussion to look at the micro and macro context, for example the impact of economic […]

René Colato Laínez: Writing About Immigration for Kids


I had the pleasure of interviewing award-winning children’s literature author René Colato Laínez for the education and literacy organization I co-founded as part of our 2015 Latino Children’s Summer Reading Program. What strikes me about Colato Laínez is how unapologetic he is about the need to write about the topic of immigration for children, specifically immigrant […]

The Summer Slide: on Univision’s Despierta América


More than a professional “core competency,” the topic of education is truly one of my passions. I am the beneficiary of the opportunities a solid education can afford a scholarship-child-of-immigrants kid, with my good grades and my parents’ expectation that we did well in school the underpinning of every degree and accomplishment I’ve earned. If […]

5 Coding Bootcamps for Diverse Adults


The only employer is Johns Hopkins Hospital and we don’t have the education or training to get a job there. Of the many heartbreaking story lines of the Baltimore uprising sparked by Freddie Gray’s death while in police custody, these words from a neighbor in the city’s depressed west side, stick. The issues of generational […]

7 Coding Programs Targeting Diverse Students


In my post “How to Change Silicon Valley’s Brofest: Diversity” I noted the importance of creating what I identify as “ladders in” to technology to combat Silicon Valley’s lack of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity brought into focus by the Ellen Pao and Kleiner Perkins trial. The statistics about the dearth of gender, racial, and […]

Award-Winning Author Monica Brown Q & A


Crisp storytelling. Compelling characters. Beautiful illustration. Author Monica Brown, Ph.D. captured my imagination. My co-founder Monica Olivera at the education and literacy-focused organization Latinas for Latino Lit (L4LL) introduced me to Brown’s books. I quickly fell head over heels because Brown writes a story that is as well written as it is vibrantly illustrated, one […]

4 Questions Presidential Hopefuls Should Answer to Win Latino Voters and the Election


It’s not every day that a famed political operative like John Podesta sends me an email inviting me to a conference call for “community leaders like you.” But that happened as Hillary Clinton announced in a video that she is running for the Democratic nomination for President in 2016. Clinton’s announcement is wedged between Republican […]

How to Change Silicon Valley’s Brofest: Diversity

"Brofest" epicenter. Courtesy: CNN Money

Ellen Pao’s lawsuit against the famed venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins has done more to shine a harsh spotlight on Silicon Valley’s lack of diversity, specifically the dismal number of women and the humiliating practices to which Ms. Pao was allegedly subjected. However, to rectify the diversity gap and foster workplace equality and innovation, we must […]