President Barack Obama at the NCLR 2011 Annual Conference

President Barack Obama at NCLR Courtesy: @Marisabel81

President Barack Obama at the NCLR 2011 Annual Conference


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    I am a Desert Storm Veteran that served in the U.S. Army and was deported along with over 3000 others. We are looking for support as to gaining what we placed our lives on the line for… U.S. Citizenship and today I reach out to you in hopes of gaining assistance in fighting this battle along side us. Please, if you may have a photo in which 2 of my fellow conrods(Brothers Valenzuela, were present at the NCLR in which they opened a banner right before the President, which read: STOP THE DEPORTATION OF MILITARY VETERAN, we as fellow Soldiers would like a copy. This is very valueble to us and our fight against deportation of any race.
    Please feel free to contact any 1 of us with any questions. We are many, and all of us are willing to speak out, and work together in winning this fight.
    WEBSITE is owned by: SPC Barajas, Hector also deported.
    Staff Sergeant Salas
    Operation Desert Storm Vet.

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